Working with mothers who have successfully found recovery from addiction and domestic abuse

10/9/2024 11:30 - 12:30

This session will explore the challenges social workers face when working with women who are living with active addiction and domestic abuse whilst being parents and needing to be safe. It will help professionals recognise the unique challenges, including how women are often blamed for not seeking refuge when social workers want them to, the complex relationships victims have with perpetrators and what would help keep them safe in the child protection process.

Attend this session to:

• Understand the challenges of working with complex relationships within the child protection process
• Gain insight into how conditioning and fear impact the options mothers have when faced with these challenges
• Learn how to improve your practice in working with this group

Following this session, at around 12.30, Jenny will be signing copies of her book next to the Community Care stand.

Helen, Freedom programme facilitator and expert by experience

Vicki, expert by experience

Jenny Molloy, Trevi patron and author of Hackney Child, Tainted Love and Neglected