Self compassion for social workers: How to look after yourself as much as everyone else!

10/9/2024 12:45 - 13:10

Self-care is important for us all, but especially for social workers as we recognise the emotional demands of our work. Join Kathryn Swinney, Health and Wellbeing Manager at Cafcass, as we review the importance and impact practising self-compassion can have on our health and wellbeing on those days when the idea of finding time for self-care can feel daunting. Attendees will learn the 3 components of self-compassion, tips for how to incorporate into busy lives, and follow along to a guided ‘self-compassion break’.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the importance and impact of practising self-compassion for our health and wellbeing in the context of the emotional demands of social work
  • Identify the 3 components of self-compassion, and discuss practical ways to incorporate self-care and self-compassion into our routines more
  • Practise and identify self-compassion exercises to implement into your routines

Kathryn Swinney, Health and Wellbeing Manager, Cafcass