Engaging children in decision-making: making young people’s voices the loudest ones we hear

10/9/2024 09:45 - 10:45

Cafcass and the Family Justice Young People's Board (FJYPB) are excited to welcome you to explore some of the ways social workers at Cafcass strive for children and young people's voices to be the loudest of all voices heard in the family courts.

Kate Newton is Cafcass' Together Development Champion and Steven Anderson is the assistant lead to Cafcass' Social Work Academy. Kate and Steven have different styles, but both make sure that children's uniqueness and differences are embraced and reflected in their approaches.

Together, they will share with you their wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in finding ways to provide children and young people with the best chance of feeling able to develop trust, allowing them to express their truth, experiences, hopes, thoughts and wishes.

Young people from the FJYPB, along with Kate and Steven, will be collaborating with you to focus on what you must do to create a relationship with children and young people that allows them to experience social work and social work process in a restorative way. Bring your best thinking and be prepared to take part! Steven and Kate are big advocates for shared learning so bring your best ideas to share, as no social worker’s toolbox is ever too full!


  • Build knowledge around how best to engage children through trusting relationships. 
  • Highlight the importance of keeping children informed during decision making processes.
  • Hear directly from young people who have experienced court proceedings about why engagement matters.

Kate Newton, Together Development Champion, Cafcass

Steven Anderson, assistant lead , Cafcass' Social Work Academy

Members of the Family Justice Young People's Board, Cafcass