Modern attachment theory: highlighting the strengths, limitations and contemporary uses in direct work and practice

10/11/2023 09:45 - 10:45

Since 2017, there have been a growing number of questions surrounding the current use of attachment theory in child protection practice. Is it being misapplied or misunderstood? Or is it a case of needing to reassess the way we use the theory in the field of child protection? In 70 years of application, much of the popular knowledge has remained the same – but in a digital age, should achieving attachment security remain the ultimate goal?  

Modern Attachment Theory looks at the theoretical concepts of attachment in relation to survival and affect - or mood - regulation. By applying a biopsychosocial approach to our understanding of attachment, we may be able to use the theory to its best advantage.  

Attend this session to: 

  • Consider ways in which attachment theory can be misapplied and/or misunderstood  
  • Reassess its current uses and how it can be used in more of a strengths-based way 
  • Learn about the survival element of attachment and how our experiences affect behaviour  

Laura Hanbury, clinician and PhD research student, Royal Holloway University