Love, care and relationships…meaningfully involving young people in decisions, their lives and designing services

10/11/2023 11:30 - 12:30

In this thought-provoking master class, you will be led through a journey of the opportunities to embrace the power of the voice of children and young people. Through empowerment-based approaches based on meaningful collaboration and the rights of children and young people, insights will be shared on harnessing the energy of young people to more fully engage them in the decisions that affect them and others, through personal engagement, service design, deliver, governance and commissioning.

Delegates who attend will:

  • Learn about innovative approaches in working alongside children and Young People through the awesome It’s My Life Festival
  • Sharing the lived experience of young people through “stories told
  • Support the employment and life chances of young people

Masterclass hosted by 

Natalie-Jade Vince, involvement coordinator, Essex County Council

Sheila Woodward, service manager, Essex County Council

Chrissie Gavriel, senior insight and evaluation analyst, Essex County Council