Building trust and confidence in the social work profession through regulation

10/11/2023 09:45 - 10:45

Join Social Work England to learn why building trust and confidence in the social work profession is central to regulation.

The session will reflect on what the regulator for all social workers in England has learnt in its first 3 years and how insight, engagement and research has shaped its strategy for 2023 to 2026. A key objective in this is to inform, educate, and influence others on the role social work plays within society.

Find out about Social Work England’s plans to build confidence in social work by driving positive change in education and training, the workforce and professional practice. A member of the National Advisory Forum will explain the vital role of people with lived and learned experience of social work.

There will be a chance to discuss why regulation is still viewed by some people as a process of annual compliance. How can we work together to shift this into a sustained conversation on what it means to be a social worker, how we can improve confidence in social work and why social work is regulated?

Learning outcomes:

  • Why is social work regulated?
  • How does regulation build trust and confidence in social work?
  • What has Social Work England learnt in its first 3 years and how will it work with the sector to drive positive change over the next 3 years?

Workshop hosted by

Colum Conway, chief executive, Social Work England

Gareth Gault, Social Work England

Member/s of the National Advisory Forum, Social Work England