The Care Act 2024, Mental Health Act 1983 and asylum seekers with additional support

10/8/2024 14:15 - 15:15

This session is designed to identify the legal framework for the provision of care and support to adult asylum seekers and their families, and those in immigration detention and on bail, in the UK. It will identify the duties owed by the Secretary of State for the Home Office and precisely identify the legal framework when other public bodies are responsible for the care of asylum seekers beyond that which the Home Office can provide. This session will briefly consider the impact of the Illegal Migration Act and Rwanda Safety Act on asylum support. It will also identify pathways and problems for asylum seekers when status is granted.

Attend this session to:

• Get an update on present law
• Have a clear understanding of the interaction of community law for asylum seekers
• Identify future legal issue and challenges for care and support for asylum seekers

Tim Baldwin, barrister, Garden Court Chambers