Riding the waves of change in social work: wellbeing in times of flux

10/8/2024 15:30 - 16:30

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that the only constant in life is change and this is particularly true in the field of social care and health. However, navigating this change can be challenging for social workers and can feed into professional trauma and fatigue. How can we maintain a stable centre when the sand beneath us constantly shifts? Although there are no certainties, we invite you to join us in exploring suggestions to help you protect your passion and stay grounded.

Attend this session to:

• Explore why change can be so hard
• Learn what can make a difference to us personally and support healthy responses to change
• Reflect on how this knowledge and the five pillars of protection can be applied in your own practice

Kate Collier, head of learning and development, Black Country Women’s Aid and co-founder of SelfCare Psychology

Sass Boucher, counsellor psychotherapist, lecturer and co-founder of SelfCare Psychology, SelfCare Psychology