Learning from young people’s experiences of harm outside the home

10/8/2024 11:30 - 12:30

In Essex we have a framework for tackling exploitation called ‘Risk in the Community’ which is a partnership approach supported by a dedicated social care team of professionals.

In this workshop, we will share how you can learn from the voices of young people and families about how exploitation affects them and their communities, and use this learning to develop your approaches.

We will share how we work alongside young people and their families to build trust, recognising families as secondary victims and supporting our partnership to intervene with timely, robust and effective interventions.

We also regularly challenge systemic issues our young people and their families face, including professional perceptions of exploitation and their responses, recognising exploitation as significant harm outside the home.

Sally-Ann Millar, child exploitation manager, Essex County Council

Sheila Woodward, service manager, Essex County Council

Dan Lassey, Risk in the Community senior practitioner, Essex County Council