Inclusion Emergency by Chickenshed Theatre Group

10/8/2024 17:00 - 18:00

What happens when a Climate Emergency is declared by countries and organisations like the UN? Everyone sits up and takes notice. So could the same principles be applied to inclusion? Why can’t we declare an Inclusion Emergency?

This performance by Chickenshed highlights the different ways individuals experience exclusion from society and the barriers to inclusion young people face every day.

Every individual in this presentation has an exclusion story that they would like to make an inclusion story. When their collective voice, their collective vision and their collective experience are recognised we will have declared an Inclusion Emergency and can finally move forward.

The show was devised by Ash Driver, Paul Morrall and the cast sharing their lived experiences.

Attend this session to:

Widen your knowledge and understanding of young people’s lived experiences and their views on society

Chickenshed Theatre Company