Menopause in the social care workplace

10/10/2023 15:30 - 16:30

The menopause transition is a sometimes-forgotten equalities area, affecting all genders. It is important to know about it for personal, work-based and service delivery reasons. It affects more aspects of life than you might realise. Case law relating to three protected characteristics offers further reason to understand how to make a positive difference. This session is aimed at social work team managers – as well as frontline practitioners – looking for ways to support colleagues and improve practice.

Attend this session to:

  • Understand what the menopause transition is and how it may show up in the workplace  
  • Explore options for creative and reflective approaches in employment and in service delivery
  • Discover helpful trauma-informed ways to support those affected by this sometimes challenging transition

Dr Catherine Pestano, independent social work consultant, academic, writer/editor