HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL: Transforming social work practice to improve outcomes for children

11:30 - 12:45

In this interactive session, Hampshire County Council’s outstanding-rated children’s service will share how transforming social work practices can have a monumental and positive impact on children and families.
Through the story of Katie and her family, the Hampshire team will demonstrate how practitioners at all levels can transform lives and become truly outstanding by:

  • Taking a strengths-based approach to all areas of practice
  • Transforming existing processes and practices in line with changing demands
  • Working with multi-agency and multi-disciplinary partners in new ways
  • Considering how individual practice fits into the ever-shifting social work landscape


Lucy Marett, Principal Consultant and Programme Manager for Transforming Social Care for Children and Families, Hampshire County Council

Steph How, head of strategy and operations (East) and strategic lead for Transforming Social Care, Hampshire County Council