Learning through sharing: the launch of Somerset's social work podcast

10/14/2020 13:30 - 14:30

Peer-to-peer learning has always been one of the most valuable ways for social workers to develop their practice, but it can be challenging – not least under conditions of remote working – for practitioners to share insights with colleagues.

In response, Somerset County Council is launching a social work podcast at this year’s Community Care Virtually Live, to enable social workers to share their learning through a good old-fashioned conversation with a colleague.

Come along to this session to hear:

  • How Somerset has used Covid as a way to change its approach to learning and development, and why it decided to launch a podcast.
  • How simple conversations between social workers can be one of the best ways to enable learning.
  • The first edition of the podcast!

Vanessa Hodge, principal social worker for adults, Somerset County Council