Masterclass: The development of the Essex thinking tools to support practice with children and families

10/12/2022 11:30 - 12:30

A good assessment is the cornerstone of all our work with children and families. This has such importance being the window into family life, an opportunity to build a good relationship with families, understand their journey and challenges, and together identify what needs to change to help families remain together. Assessment remains one of the most complex areas of our work to develop expertise and depth in practice. This masterclass will demonstrate how Essex County Council has developed an innovative approach to provide practical yet sophisticated tools to support challenging areas of social work practice.

Relevant, practical and drawing on the expertise in the workforce, a group of fantastic social work professionals in Essex worked tirelessly to produce what we have called the ‘Thinking Tools’.

These tools consider key practice areas for assessment, domestic abuse, pre-birth, risk in the community and work with children with disabilities and are systemic, holistic and trauma-informed to support all social workers in assessment work with families, but also to be a tool to share with families.

This masterclass is hosted by Essex County Council

Janine Dawson, service manager, Essex County Council