Legal Learning Session: Modernising mental health legislation - the new Mental Health Bill

10/12/2022 14:15 - 15:15

The government set out proposed changes to the Mental Health Act 1983 and wider reforms of policy and practice around it in the Reforming the Mental Health Act White Paper which went out for a 12-week public consultation in August 2021. The government is now working on a draft Mental Health Bill and this session will explore the main plans for legislative change.

Learning outcomes:

  • An outline of the measures to improve care and treatment, including tightening admission criteria, raising the threshold for compulsory detention, statutory care and treatment plans for all detained patients, reducing the use of community treatment orders, and more tribunal hearings.
  • The expanded role of the independent mental health advocate.
  • The new nominated person role and the new safeguards for patients being given non-consensual medical treatment.

There is a fee to attend legal learning seminars at Community Care Live.

Tim Spencer-Lane, lawyer specialising in mental capacity, mental health and social care law