OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL: Using innovative ways of working to keep families together and prevent placement breakdown

13:00 - 14:00

Oxfordshire County Council has long used innovative ways of working in children’s social care to keep families together and prevent placement breakdown. This session will feature learning from its residential edge of care (REOC) service and explore the adoption of its new family safeguarding plus model, which will provide a strengths-based approach addresses families’ underpinning tramua in new and effective ways. Topics to be covered include:

  • What is the family safeguarding plus model?
  • The value of shared case management over multi-professional teams
  • How the model’s proven preventative approach prevents children entering care and improves families’ lives
  • Learning from the REOC service, through one family’s story
SPONSOR: Oxfordshire County Council

Sandra Curley, team manager, REOC, Oxfordshire County Council

Hannah Farncombe, deputy director, children's social care, Oxfordshire County Council

Delia Mann, head of service, family solutions (central), Oxfordshire County Council