LONDON BOROUGH OF CROYDON: Adolescents on the edge of care and preventing this with a systemic lens

11:30 - 12:45

Adolescence is one of the most significant entry points for coming into care. To mitigate against this, Croydon Council has developed a bespoke edge-of-care service using systemic principles. This has allowed practitioners to make difficult decisions, hold risk and work in partnership with parents and families, enabling adolescents to remain at home where previously they would’ve come into care.

  • Gain an understanding of systemic practice with adolescents and their families
  • Hear how this service was developed in the context of risk to adolescents outside the home
  • Learn how social workers have been able to hold risk and develop skills when children have been exploited and involved with gangs

SPONSOR: London Borough of Croydon

Hannah Doughty, head of adolescent services, London Borough of Croydon

Nana Bonsu, systemic practice lead, Croydon Council