Using motivational interviewing to help families achieve change

10/13/2020 10:30 - 11:30

Motivational interviewing (MI) techniques are at the heart of Surrey’s strengths-based model, enabling families to build their resilience and make positive changes to keep children safe.

It’s an approach to conversations and communication that supports people to make changes in behaviour. It encourages self-awareness, looking at how the social worker is perceived by young people and the family and how this impacts on the way they engage.

It is particularly effective when working with young people as the focus on their personal motivation and commitment to specific goals helps develop a stronger sense of identity and decision-making capacity. The confidence gained from making small steps towards change builds resilience which supports young people move towards greater autonomy.

In this practical session speakers will discuss:

  • Understanding the foundations and principles of MI.
  • Applying MI skills and techniques in in social work with children and families.
  • Understanding the process of the cycle of change and positive reframing techniques.
  • Developing greater confidence and self-awareness.

Alasdair Cant, director, Alasdair Cant and Associates

Amrik Panaser, associate, Alasdair Cant and Associates

Jacquie Burke, director of safeguarding and family resilience, Surrey County Council

Neena Khosla, programme director, family safeguarding, Surrey County Council