Keynote: Social work in 2020 – a conversation with Essex and Surrey

10/13/2020 09:00 - 10:00

Social work has faced enormous challenges in responding to Covid-19's impact on the people it serves, on professionals themselves and on organisations. In this keynote session to open Community Care Virtually Live, event partner Essex County Council's executive director for children, families and education, Helen Lincoln, and Rachael Wardell, incoming director at interactive theatre sponsor Surrey County Council, will share their reflections on the pandemic's impact on social work practice and leadership, and on families.

They will also reflect on the legacy of Dave Hill, former director at both Essex and Surrey, who tragically died this year, including his championing of relationship-based practice and direct work, and approach to social work leadership.

Come along to this engaging conversational session that will set the scene for two days of stimulating discussions, learning and networking at Community Care Virtually Live!

Live captions are available for this event. Use this link for a fully adjustable page of captions.

Helen Lincoln, executive director children families and education, Essex County Council

Rachael Wardell, incoming executive director of children, families and lifelong learning, Surrey County Council