Social worker self-care – more than a personal responsibility

10/12/2021 14:15 - 15:15

Social workers have responded with extraordinary effort and dedication to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. But many are reporting worsening mental health as rising caseloads new ways of working and the ongoing issue of high levels of threats, harassment and violence, take their toll.

Managing workplace stress, fear and threats to staff are primarily the responsibility of employers, who have clear duties to safeguard staff welfare at work.

UNISON works to ensure social workers work in a safe environment free from bullying and harassment. Attend this workshop for:

  • An understanding of employers’ responsibilities regarding health and safety at work, including in relation to supporting self-care.
  • Actions to take, individually and collectively, to ensure employers fulfil these responsibilities.
  • Advice on responding to a fitness to practise referral and an understanding of when to self-refer.