Putting a team around the practitioner to enable social workers to be agents of change for families

10/12/2021 15:30 - 16:30

Norfolk County Council’s ‘team around the practitioner’ model enables its children’s social workers and family support workers to draw on a huge array of support to better manage their caseloads, focus on their relationships with families and improve outcomes for children. This includes support to reduce paperwork, the assistance of specialist staff in areas including domestic abuse or substance misuse or the help of an intensive support worker, as required.

Attend this session to learn how Norfolk is:

  • Reclaiming social work by freeing practitioners up to do relationship-based, direct work with children and families.
  • Skilling up and stabilising its workforce by making roles more rewarding and manageable and supporting practitioners to see themselves as agents of change.
  • Preventing the unnecessary escalation of need and cost in the system through early intervention.