Social worker self care: more than a personal responsibility

10/11/2022 15:30 - 16:30

Social workers have responded with extraordinary effort and dedication to the impact of the covid pandemic. But many of you are reporting worsening mental health as a result. As well as rising caseloads, new ways of working are impacting on you and the people you work with. Social workers also experience one of the highest victimisation levels of threats harassment and violence.

While pressure and deadlines can be a good thing stress cannot be. Managing your workplace stress, fear and threat are primarily the responsibility of your employer who has a clear responsibility to safeguard your welfare at work.

UNISON works to ensure social workers have a safe working environment free from bullying and harassment. In this workshop hear about:

  • Employers’ responsibilities for health and safety at work, including in relation to supporting self-care.
  • Actions to take, individually and collectively, to ensure employers fulfil these responsibilities.
  • Responding to a fitness to practise referral and understanding when to self-refer.

Mike Hines, UNISON Health and Safety Unit

Kelly Hannah-Rogers, UNISON Professional Services Unit

Kerie Anne, UNISON Social Care Forum

Gill Archer, UNISON, Local Government